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2018 Smoking & Marijuana Policy

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There is a designated smoking area adjacent to the main concert bowl, located west of Booth Street on the south side of the park. Patrons won’t be required to scan in and out to access the area. Food and alcohol will not be allowed.

Patrons with valid medical marijuana licences will be required to provide proof of a prescription, and may possess and consume medical marijuana inside the designated smoking area only. Tobacco may be consumed by patrons who are 19+ years of age.

The festival operates under the City of Ottawa and NCC bylaws concerning smoking At special events. As a licence holder for sale and service of alcohol, we are required to not permit smoking or consumption of marijuana at our event.

This decision is in accordance with the Liquor Licence Act Regulation 719, s45 (2), enforced by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), which does not currently include any provisions or exemptions allowing the use of medicinal marijuana in a licensed establishment by patrons who hold a federal permit allowing them to possess marijuana for medical purposes.


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