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Ticket and Wristband Registration FAQ

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Where do I go to register my pass?
Where is my wristband/pass ID located OR what do I enter to register?
Youth wristband IDs are printed on the back of your wristband chip. Pass IDs are on the back of the pass, called activation ID. It is also the ID you need to enter to register your wristband/pass. 

Why should I register my pass?
Registering is an easy way to link the person who is attending the event to their pass/wristband, in the event that your ticket gets lost, stolen or damaged.
It also allows patrons to link a credit card to their pass/wristband, so that they can use the cashless payment system at the festival. Social media contests/activations during the festival may also draw from our list of registrants.
*Please note: Your passes come activated and ready to use! Registration is not required.