RBC Bluesfest Help Centre

Using Promo Codes To Access Tickets or Discounts

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Step 1: First, you want to make sure to read the description and/or instructions given with the code as typically they are time-sensitive and may be limited to specific passes or promotions.

Step 2: Second, you want to make sure to have copied your code exactly as shown, not including any leading/trailing spaces or punctuation. It's best to copy-paste this if possible. 


Step 3: Once you have your promo code written down, visit the purchase link for your offering. In this example we are using "Password1". Look for an "ENTER CODE" box, and enter your promo code.

Make sure to not have any extra spaces before or after your promo code, then select Go

Step 4: If you entered your promo code correctly, you will then be presented with the appropriate offer option available for purchase. Add your quantity and add to cart. You may continue the purchase process as normal.

Some promo codes will have the instructions to "apply during checkout." Here is how to successfully use those.
Follow Steps 1 and 2 above. 

Step 3: Place the items eligible for the promo code in your cart and check out.

Step 4: Log into your purchase account or check out as guest.
Step 5: Under the Order Summary field, please enter your promo code and click "Apply."
The box will update with the below message and your new pricing will be in effect.

Your code not working? Make sure you are:
  • using the code during the allotted time-frame, as they expire or you may be too early.
  • not entering any extra spaces.
  • entering the promo as shown in the offer letter/email.
  • not entering the letter "O" as the numeric "0," or the letter "I" as the numeric "1".

If you do not have a valid promocode, tickets may still be shown as available. You can purchase available tickets as you normally would.