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House Policies

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  • All patrons who wish to purchase, consume and/or hold alcohol must be at least 19 years of age and must have valid, one-piece, government issued, photo identification:
    • A valid driver’s license with a photograph
    • Ontario Photo Card
    • Canadian Passport
    • Canadian Citizenship Card with a photograph
    • Canadian Armed Forces identification card
    • An LCBO BYID photo card;
  • All patrons who appear under 30 years old may be asked to show ID at any time;
  • Staff and management reserve the right to refuse entry or service to any individual or party;
  • Individuals demonstrating signs of intoxication will not be allowed to enter or will be refused service and ejected from the establishment;
  • No alcoholic beverages of any kind are permitted to be brought onto or removed from the premises;
  • Staff and management reserve the right to inspect personal effects at any time;
  • Smoking of any kind is prohibited and can be caused for ejection;
  • Staff and management reserve the right to refuse entry or eject patrons based on clothing or apparel deemed to be inappropriate or offensive;
  • All cameras with detachable lenses are prohibited on festival grounds and can be cause for refusal of entry or removal from premises (see Camera Policy
  • The following behaviours are grounds for ejection:
    • Rowdiness, violent or aggressive behaviour
    • Use or possession of illegal narcotics
    • Use of counterfeit currency
    • Vandalism or theft
    • Showing signs of intoxication
    • Engaging in conduct that may cause harm to yourself or others
    • Noncompliance with a staff request
    • Disobeying any house policy
  • No refunds or exchanges of any kind will occur if a patron is ejected based on an action above.
    Please Enjoy Responsibly.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Staff and Management
RBC Bluesfest