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Children & Youth - Festival Experience

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Children under the age of 10 can accompany their parents into general admission areas at no extra cost above the parent's ticket. However, VIP Zone reserved seating must be purchased for each person, as seats are assigned during purchase.

We adore lil' rockstars, but please remember that this is a large music festival, and that headline acts typically perform after dark. Acts that are earlier in the day are generally better for younger audiences. We encourage you to review music, lyrics, etc. in advance to determine if your children should come with you to the festival. Not all acts are suitable for all audiences. Certain events and times (like our Blues in the Schools showcase) are more kid-friendly.

We strongly recommend designating a family meeting space (such as Info Booth) in case you become separated or cannot communicate by phone.

If you have more questions about this, contact us and we’ll chat! Many of our staff have kids and have attended the festival as a youth and/or accompanied their families to the event.


RBC Bluesfest has become a landmark event for Ottawa's youth and their love of music makes the festival an amazing experience.

If you are a parent of a youth who is attending the event without parental accompaniment, we recommend that you discuss transportation and communication plans with them in advance of the event.

Cell phone service may not be reliable, so we encourage pre-planning and knowledge of who to contact for assistance in the venue if needed (security, first aid, info booth are great examples) and where to meet after the show.

Our first aid responders and paramedics are there to help with any needs throughout the festival. They are willing and ready to assess any situations, no matter how small or big. Please keep in mind that all information given to staff is kept confidential.

Consuming and/or handling alcohol underage is strictly prohibited and will result in ejection from the venue without refund or replacement of tickets. Prohibited substances are never permitted, regardless of age, and usage will result in ejection from the venue without refund.

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