RBC Bluesfest 2019

Pass Transfer and Sharing Information

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Can we use the same pass to leave and re-enter the venue?

There are no daily re-entry ("in and out") privileges on any passes in 2019. Once the pass is scanned into the venue, it will not be valid for another entrance to the venue on the same day. Please plan your visit accordingly.

Multi-day passes are valid for one entrance per day, based on the dates purchased.


Can we share a non-youth multi-day pass if we’re not attending every night?

Yup! But only one person at a time.

Remember: if your friend loses your pass, only the original purchaser can get it replaced.

If the pass is confiscated due to a violation of our House Policies, we can’t replace it, even if your friend was the one who was misbehaving. Please enjoy the festival responsibly and make sure you fully trust the person you are sharing your pass with.


Can we share a U19/U25 Wristband?

Nope. These are non-transferable passes. One person must wear this wristband continuously from the first time they visit until they leave the festival for the last time in 2019. Once it's on, you won't be able to remove it.

If you put your wristband on too early and need to take it off/replace it, there will be a replacement fee. You've been warned!